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Behind the Scene

Siddharth always captures what others miss

cycle road show

Real village ladies enjoying their song

Comfort of bus top rides

Behind the scene with DOP Amar kumar

Jagjitji listening to his own track

Finally the heroine found something cute in the entire unit

Aditya at Sound recording

diving deep for perfect shot or wisdom pearls

The only person who shed real blood for the film...that hurt

The monitor says it all -RAW and captivating

mythological help sought

Simple breakfast of an independent film

Travelling Light

Candid moment sprawled on the ground

Altaaf Raaja with the entire musical team of bandook

Real locations kashi

Rekha Bharadwaj ji, Aditya Om

Learning the basic skills of survival finishing school of bandook

issues are amicably solved like this - movie still

Second Unit

Written with bullets on the psyche

Nothing like morning tea to ward off the chill behind the scene

a cricket break

guns galore

capturing the magic hour

Rekha Bharadwaj ji, Nikhil Kamath

contemplating at the door of creation

Nikhil and Altaaf Raja fooling around

DOP siddharth threatening Dharmendra style suicide

Nikhil Kamath, Aditya Om and Altaaf Raja

Maha aarti at benares

Rainy season

Jagjit Singh ji with Aditya, Nikhil, Manisha

Camera team working hard behind the scene